Congratulations to our 2014 winners:
10K: men Michael Mayo, 44:42 - women Hillary Coffey, 55:31
10 miler: men Graham Lambert, 1:15:51 - women Devin Ito, 1:23:39 COURSE RECORD!
Half Marathon: men Michael Mayo, 1:31:57 - women Cassie Brooker, 1:28:33 COURSE RECORD!
15 miler: men Michael Becker, 2:05:12 - women Sherry Hom, 2:18:50
20 miler: men Eric Wostenberg, 2:24:39 COURSE RECORD! - women Candy Granger-Underhill, 2:46:18 COURSE RECORD!
30K: men Matt Rainwater, 02:20:18 COURSE RECORD! - women Catherine Lambert, 03:01:20
50K: men Eric Clifton, 04:36:00 - women Selina Nordberg, 05:18:59

About the Series

The Chino Hills Trail Run Series is a perfect way to take the first step into the exciting world of trail running. Join us and explore one of Orange County's premier natural open-space parks while you discover the trail runner in you. If you're already a seasoned trail runner, the Chino Hills Trail Run Series is a great way to step up in distance and aim for your first trail marathon or 50K.

The series kicks off with a 10k race, a standard road distance but with natural beauty all around. You'll see for yourself why trail running is one of the fastest growing sports. Trails offer so much more than asphalt and you're bound to be hooked. Later, you'll be looking forward to tackling the 10 mile loop. Still want more? You only have to wait a few more weeks. The hilly 15 miler will take you deeper into the park. If that's not enough, just wait a bit and you'll get a chance to run 20 miles on these amazing trails. And that's perfect preparation for the trail marathon just a few weeks later. But the fun doesn't stop there. The series finale is a challenging 50K ultramarathon that will give ample opportunity to test your trail legs while enjoying the wildlife and native plants that abound in this beautiful park.

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November 21, 2015
2014 Results
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