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Race Day Information:

Race Start: 7:00am (50K); 7:30am (30K) (New Time)
Race Check-In: 6:00am (50K); 6:30am (30K)


  • From 57 Freeway exit at Lambert Road.
  • Head east to Chino Hills State Park (pass Carbon Canyon Regional Park).
  • Lambert Road becomes Carbon Canyon Road at Valencia. Continue about 1 miles to Chino Hills State Park parking lot.
  • Race start/finish at parking lot of the new Discovery Center (4500 Carbon Canyon Road in Brea, CA)
  • Prepare $5 parking fee.
NOTE: The gate at State Park will open at 6:30am, DO NOT arrive before 6:30am and line up on the street. CHP can issue a ticket for that.

Click here for Google Map parking location.

Other Parking Options:

  • Once Chino Haills State Park Discovery Center Parking Lot is full, runners will be directing to park in Carbon Canyon Regional Park, far east lot next to the CHSP ($5.00 Entry Fee).
  • Parking also available in Olinda Ranch Park, directly across from Carbon Canyon Regional Park. (Free but about 1 mile walk across Carbon Canyon Rd to the race start.) From Carbon Canyon Rd, turn left on Santa Fe Rd, left on Railway Ave, left on Cedarwood Dr.

Aid Stations:

    • Telegraph Canyon/Little Canyon (Water only station)
      • Turns are the same for 30K and 50K
      • 30K: 4.5 miles & 15.25 miles
      • 50K: 4.5 miles & 27.5 miles

    • 4-Corners
      • Turns are the same for 30K and 50K
      • 30K: 7.5 miles & 13 miles, proceed down at Telegraph Canyon -> Finish
      • 50K: 7.5 miles & 24 miles, proceed Right turn at Northridge Trail -> Sycamore Trail -> Telegraph -> Finish

    • Bane Canyon Drop Bag station
      • 30K: 10.25 miles; turn AROUND point
      • 50K: will check in 3 times.
      • 1st time: 10.25 miles; then turn RIGHT to Lower Aliso
      • 2nd time: 16.5 miles; then go STRAIGHT to Upper Bane Ridge
      • 3rd time: 21 miles; then turn RIGHT on Telegraph Canyon go to 4-Corners.

Cutoff time for 50K:

Bane Canyon - 1:30pm
4 Corner - 2:30pm
Finish line - 5:00pm

Be half of Race official, Captains can make judgement call if any runner really lagging and obviously not going to make to the finish line by 5pm, or if they look strong enough to keep going.

Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center gate will open at 5:30am. Do not arrive much earlier than that.

The races will start on time, please take care of your bathroom need before.

50K/30K races will follow different color ribbons, the color will be marked on your Bib at check-in.

Chino Hills is mostly exposed. One handheld bottle is required. Carry extra water bottle or a camel-pack depend on the weather condition or your personal need.

The aid stations are staffed by Ultra runners giving back to others who have helped put on races for them in the past. Make sure to thank them--even if they somehow manage to spill your drink all over the place! This is a labor of love.

You must announce your race number to CHECK IN and CHECK OUT at every aid station. Again, this is for your safety so we make sure you're not lost out on the course somewhere.

And if something happens out there, the quickest way out is on the trail. Do not get off trail for any reason and retrace your steps if you think you took a wrong turn. Watch out for each other.

Also, don't litter out there. This is not a road race with cleanup crews picking up your gel packets. If you

make trash, carry it out with you to the nearest aid station and throw it out there. ANYONE CAUGHT LITTERING WILL BE PULLED FROM THE RACE. Anyone littering, but not caught, beware the wrath of Mother Nature!

If you need to drop, you must do so at an aid station. Tell them you are dropping before leaving the course. Failure to do so will ensure you never run another race in Chino Hills again!

Important Note to 50K runners (New):

We will try again to allowing downgrade to 30K at Bane Canyon station this year. Notify to the Captain Fred Reed, so he can have HAM radio communicate to the BASE.

On your bib, you will be responsible to asking staff there:
mark #1 when you first arrive at Bane Canyon Aid Station;
mark #2 when you finish Lower Alison loop;
mark #3 when you finish Bane Ridge loop.

If you miss a number when you across finish line, you will be mark down to 30K.

Also, if you downgrade to 30K, you are expected to start with 30K and DO NOT just take off with 50K.

Have a great race!

Race Official

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