15 Mile Race

Race details

  • Race Date: TBD
  • Registration: Here
  • Where: Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center (4500 Carbon Canyon Rd. Brea, CA)
  • Start Time: 8:00 AM
  • Race Check-In: Race morning starting at 7:00 AM
  • Race t-shirt to all entrants and race medal to all finishers.
  • Aid Stations: 3.4, 6.9, 9.0 and 11.9 miles
  • Total distance: 15.4 miles
  • Total elevation change: 5504.6 ft

Race interactive map

Course description

NameMilesTotal MilesA/S
Discovery Center (start/finish area) to Telegraph Canyon Rd1.6 miles1.6 milesyes
Telegraph Canyon Rd to Diemer0.4 miles2.0 milesno
Diemer to South Ridge Trail1.4 miles3.4 milesyes
South Ridge Trail to Bovinian Delight Trail2.5 miles5.9 milesno
Bovinian Delight Trail to Telegraph Canyon Trail (Four Corners)1 mile6.9 milesyes
Telegraph Canyon Trail (Four Corners) to McDermont Trail0.1 miles7.0 milesno
McDermont Trail to North Ridge Rd0.7 miles7.7 milesno
North Ridge Rd to Sycamore Trail1.3 miles9.0 milesyes
Sycamore Trail to Telegraph Canyon Trail1.1 miles10.1 milesno
Telegraph Canyon Trail to Little Canyon Trail0.6 miles10.7 milesno
Little Canyon Trail to South Ridge Trail0.3 miles11.0 milesno
South Ridge Trail to Easy Street Trail0.9 miles11.9 milesyes
Easy Street Trail to Telegraph Canyon Trail0.4 miles12.3 milesno
Telegraph Canyon Trail to Telegraph Canyon Rd1.5 miles13.8 milesno
Telegraph Canyon Rd to Discovery Center (start/finish area)1.6 miles15.4 milesyes
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